Technical Rules

Smart Audio

Possibility to change channels fast - in less than 2 minutes.
Recommended to use Smart Audio function.

Video Transmitter Power Output

Maximum is 25mW


Failsafe set to drop

Propeller size

Up to 7 inches

Drone size

Maximum limit is 500mm
Size is measured from motor to motor in diagonal.


Not mandatory, but recommended


King of the Hill

King of the Hill is the main format for the Baltic Drone Racing League. It's based on the ELO system, where winning means gaining points and losing means saying goodbye to your points. This point based system lets you race against your level opponents. Every round's heats are made depending on the points of the pilots.

Every heat there are 4 pilots where 1st and 2nd finishing pilots gain points and 3rd and 4th lose points. For example:
1st place = +35 points
2nd place = +15 points
3rd place = -15 points
4th place = -35 points

Also it depends if a pilot who has a lot better rating than the pilot who he won, he gains a lot less points, which also means the guy who lost loses a lot less points. And this goes both ways, if a guy who had a lot lower rating won a guy who had a lot higher rating, he gains a lot more points. Let's give 2 examples here example here:

Example 1

1st place (1700 rating) = +12p
2nd place (1600 rating) = +8p
3rd place ( 1250 rating) = -9p
4th place ( 1000 rating) = -11p

Example 2

1st place (1250 rating) = +75p
2nd place (1600 rating) = + 15p
3rd place (1000 rating) = +10p
4th place (1700 rating) = -100p

For pilots who are at the top, drops are really high so watch out and have fun!

In the King of the Hill (KotH) there is only 1 winner - the King!
After the KotH there is the BIG FINALS for PRO and HOBBY classes. (For more info scroll down to "Class Level" rules).

Big Finals for Pro and Hobby Class

Big Finals are based on the results of your King of the Hill. The top 4 pilots with the most points go for the Final race in Pro class Finals, and top 4 Hobby class pilots go for the Hobby class Finals!

Double Elemination Bracket

The classic which never dies, which everyone hates and loves.
3-5 qualifications runs to determine your placements in the bracket. Higher you are,more easier it is to get to the top. If you lose (place in 3rd or 4th position) in the Main bracket, you have a 2nd chance in the Losers bracket to get to the Elimination Big Final. If you lose (place in 3rd or 4th position) in the losers bracket, you are out!

For a good example, click the button:

Class Level


Class for experienced pilots
... or who feel brave

To get in the PRO BIG FINALS you need to finish at least top 4 in the King of the Hill


Class for everyone
Perfect for newcomers and people who just want to have fun

To get in the HOBBY BIG FINALS you”ll need to finish at least top 4 among the Hobby Class pilots in King of the Hill

Still can participate in the PRO BIG FINALS if you finish at least top 4 in the King of the Hill.

If you ever get the “King” tittle,  you are raised to the pro class for the season.

While racing...

Be prepared - 2 minutes

When your heat is next, you have 2 minutes to change your channel and put your drone on the starting blocks or the heat is going without you.

"OMG! No video! Who plugged in?"

Before plugging in your drone, be sure that none is flying, so you wouldn't interrupt other pilots video feed.


Due to how many heats we have, there is not a high chance for a rerun to keep the flow going.

Of course if there is a fire/track is down/someone plugged in, then we are going to have the rerun for the heat in the end of the round.

But if you have video issues which are good enough to fly or you have drones issues, we are not going to give you a rerun.

Going on the track

While drones are in the air, none can go on the track, unless there is an emergency!

"I give up!"

Don't worry! There are many other friendly pilots on the race which want to help you! Don't be shy to ask!